Our expertise


Our firm advises on all aspects of indirect taxation, including VAT and payroll tax, both in domestic and international tax matters.

Our expertise

The firm handles the day-to-day tax issues of industrial groups, both nationally and internationally, and is particularly involved in the following areas :

  • VAT regime applicable to national operations
  • Management of VAT territoriality issues (place of taxation of transactions, territoriality rules for the provision of services, international trade transactions and e-commerce, etc.)
  • Financial VAT
  • Payroll taxes, RSI contributions and indirect contributions

of interventions

Assistance of a mutual insurance company in the context of the anticipation of the VAT group
  • Management of operations, particularly intra-group operations, with regard to VAT
  • Anticipation of the setting up of the VAT group
Obtaining a ruling for personal services
  • Validation of the operational plan (abuse of rights)
  • Validation of operations for VAT purposes (exemption on real estate operations, VAT regime for personal services in the case of shared accommodation)
Financial VAT issues
  • Management of the VAT treatment of management and intermediation fees


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