Our expertise


The firm assists its clients both in the context of acquisition assignments (audits, structure memoranda) and with a view to reorganising their activities (mergers, partial contributions of assets). The objective is always to help our clients better understand the tax, legal and financial impacts of the operations they are implementing.

Our expertise

The firm has extensive experience in this field and assists its clients in the structuring of all their M&A and private equity transactions, such as

  • Management of the tax aspects of acquisition and restructuring transactions, LBOs, LMBOs, fundraising
  • Structuring of investments (in particular when investing in foreign groups or investment funds) involving the drafting of structure memos
  • Taxation of unit holders of FPCI and SCR
  • Acquisition audits
  • Taxation of executives and management packages
  • Optimisation of financial flows
  • VAT and payroll tax issues (exemption from taxation under Article 257 bis, holding company activities, impact of financial products/dividends)

of interventions

LBO transaction in 2020 / 2022
  • Buid-up and post-closing restructurings for a leading maintenance and landscaping group
  • Post-closing restructuring of a group of beverage manufacturers and distributors
  • MBO, alongside Paluel Marmont Capital, of a group of companies specialised in office fit-out
  • LBO, alongside Siparex, of a group of couriers and premium deliveries
  • LMBO of a TV content and transcoding company
Restructuring operations
  • Restructuring of a group of management companies in France / management of authorisation requests
  • Restructuring in France and internationally of a translation group
  • French-American merger of an American pharmaceutical group
  • Fundraising of a French pharmaceutical group involving partial contributions of assets and application for approval of a complete branch of activity obtained without contribution of patents or sales teams
Management Package / BSPCE / AGA / SO
  • Analysis of tax and social risks
  • Implementation of the management package
  • Validation of the eligibility of companies for the BSPCE regime


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